Case Studies

Savings total almost 80% per expense report.
Eighteen-country solution implemented in a few months.
Time on expense reports was cut by almost 80%.
Reducing Travel and Expense Processing Time by 75%
An automated TE process has eliminated paper.
Thousands of travel agency fees saved annually.
Cumbersome systems were replaced with one integrated travel & expense solution.
Reimbursement time is now almost 50% faster.
Beyond Automation: The Creativity Behind Transforming Travel and Expense
Zero time is now spent on expense reconciliation.
Spend decreased 20%; reports done 50% faster.
Compliance is now at 90% and adoption at 82%.
Expense approval time has greatly decreased.
An automated process ensures VAT compliance.
Expense reimbursement time has been cut by 50%.
Expense costs reduced by $250,000 in six months.