Case Studies

Concur helped the University meet their needs by housing expense and invoice processing on a single platform.
Learn more about how they’ve improved compliance by 85-90%
One T&E solution was key to staying connected with global business travelers and reimbursing them quickly.
Partnering with Concur has resulted in business growth and a more efficient travel and expense system.
A seamless, intuitive, mobile expense solution was implemented in three months.
Streamlined payments have resulted in low delinquency and more accountability.
A fully integrated solution replaced an informal system of local travel agencies.
Improved efficiency helps support growth throughout the enterprise.
The University of Colorado and Concur make travel and expense simple.
Administrative support hours down almost 20%.
Improved vendor negotiations saved $500,000.
Savings total almost 80% per expense report.
Eighteen-country solution implemented in a few months.
Time on expense reports was cut by almost 80%.
Reducing Travel and Expense Processing Time by 75%
An automated TE process has eliminated paper.