Integrated travel & expense.

Better together.


Simplify business travel & expenses.

Book business travel from a broad selection of in-policy options. Credit card charges are automatically captured and categorized. Concur's mobile app combines with TripIt Pro to manage trips and itineraries, and capture receipts - all from your smartphone.

Automate expense reports.

Credit card charges, itinerary information and e-receipts automatically combine to create accurate and authenticated expense reports. Add cash purchases, attach receipts and you're good to go. Submit your expense report online or from your mobile - anytime from anywhere.

Review, approve, audit expense reports.

Built-in workflow and audit rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve in-policy expenses. Expense Pay reimburses employees directly and pays corporate cards - quickly and accurately - and all online without any paper to clutter up the works.

Report & analyze.

From individual details to big picture trends, get instant visibility into T&E spend business intelligence. Learn where and with whom spend is happening to determine the true cost of doing business.

Make business travel and expense
management simple.

Employees can book domestic and international flights, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations - all from their smartphones or desktop browser. Thanks to the integration of travel with expense reporting, all itineraries and credit card charges are automatically imported. With the matching delivered with Smart Expenses™, receipt data is accurate and in-policy. The end result is that the expense report is nearly complete by the time you get back. Managing business travel expenses has never been easier.

Travel & Expense Overview

Put an end to manual labor.

No one wants to key in the same data, multiple times in multiple systems. With Concur's travel and expense management solution, manual, paper-based expense reports are a thing of the past. Financial and accounting teams can easily review, approve, process, audit and pay expense reports. Organizations can better improve control and gain visibility into travel and entertainment (T&E) spending.

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Stay one step ahead.

Travel and expense is not a static process. The industry constantly changes. With the right tools, you'll be able to adapt and adjust your processes and your policies to meet new business and regulatory requirements. Our T&E software also adapts to individual traveler preferences for organizations large and small. From pre-trip approval to reimbursement to all the steps in between, Concur can help.

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Improve planning with trip organization.

After you book your business travel, managing all the trip details - from air, hotel, dining reservations and more - can be time consuming and disorganized. Dare we say chaotic? With TripIt and Concur integration, all of your trip information is organized and accessible in one place. Plus, based on where you're going, view maps, directions and more about that location.

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Make your smartphone smarter.

While you're traveling, Concur's mobile travel & expense app helps you stay on the ball. Need to change a flight, book a hotel or rental car, or even hail and pay for a taxi? Concur's mobile app puts the ability to do all this in the palm of your hand. You can even snap photos of receipts, attach the images to your expenses, and toss away those bulky receipts.

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Concur simplifies our travelers’ lives by reducing the time they spend on administrative tasks.

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