Case Studies

A 90% reduction in PNR processing time.
The right financial tools to help their critical mission.
Helping small agencies realize sizeable returns.
The Washington Nationals hit a homerun with Concur T&E solutions.
Partnering with SAP Concur improves T&E systems company-wide.
GBOD partners with Concur to focus on what matters most.
One T&E solution was key to staying connected with global business travelers and reimbursing them quickly.
Partnering with Concur has resulted in business growth and a more efficient travel and expense system.
A seamless, intuitive, mobile expense solution was implemented in three months.
Streamlined payments have resulted in low delinquency and more accountability.
A fully integrated solution replaced an informal system of local travel agencies.
The University of Colorado and Concur make travel and expense simple.
Administrative support hours down almost 20%.
Improved vendor negotiations saved $500,000.
Savings total almost 80% per expense report.
Eighteen-country solution implemented in a few months.