Duty of Care solutions

No matter where your people are or how they booked travel, SAP Concur lets you monitor employee locations and provide 24/7 support in an emergency.

Employee safety is too important to tackle alone

Employee safety is always a priority. That’s why SAP Concur provides connected solutions that help you respond quickly in an emergency, protect your people, and fulfill your Duty of Care obligations.

  • Quickly pinpoint employees anywhere in the world
  • Stay connected and communicate with employees at a moment’s notice
  • Consolidate employee travel and HR information and put it all in one place for you to see
  • Provide your travelers with updates and alerts

Duty of Care fundamentals Assess your risk

Get complete, accurate, and consolidated data for every traveler

Data from Concur Travel, your TMC, location check-ins, HR profiles, and Concur TripLink provide valuable insights to help you support every employee, regardless of where they book travel. To find out what may be missing from your current travel program, download our infographic.

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Find and assist employees quickly, no matter where they are

Whether employees are on the road or in a home office, Concur Locate provides accurate location data on every traveler so you can always stay connected. When you add our Active Monitoring feature, our global team of experts will help with 24/7 assistance and alerts to your employees in need.

Concur Locate Top 3 benefits of Concur Locate

Safety tips for women travelers

When traveling, it’s always important to understand the customs, culture, and potential risks of your destination. For women, understanding safety risks and planning ahead is especially important. That’s why we’ve compiled an essential guide to help keep women business travelers safe on the road.

Read the guide Travel safety for women

See what SAP Concur travel solutions can do for your business

Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control your company’s costs — all in one place.

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Concur Hipmunk

Not ready for a fully managed program? Concur Hipmunk is a solution that can match the size of your business.

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Concur TripLink

Bring outside travel bookings back into your organization’s managed-travel program.

Learn about Concur TripLink

SAP Concur mobile app

Manage travel, submit expense reports, and approve invoices on-the-go (iPhone and Android).

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SAP Concur has a better way to manage travel

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