Increase employee productivity and fulfill duty of care

When it comes to choosing the best travel and expense solution for your business, HR has a big stake in the decision.

Give employees the “more” they want and need

Employees today want more from their employers. More flexibility, more balance, more opportunity, equity, and satisfaction. Download the white paper and see how modernizing T&E software can help HR leaders meet both employee and business needs.

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Show employees you care about their well-being

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of employees. Yet 98% of HR and travel managers say they don’t have the tools or information they need to provide adequate duty of care. Download the guide for helpful tips on keeping employees safe.

5 tips to keep employees safe Learn about duty of care

Small changes make a big impact

Employees are often faced with a million mundane tasks that stand in the way of productivity. Download the eBook and see how having the right T&E technology can allow your business to ditch low-value tasks and energize your entire workforce.

4 ways to increase productivity

Use AI to track taxable employee benefits

There aren’t enough hours in the day for HR managers to track taxable employee benefits (TEB) manually. Download the eBook and see how a good expense management solution that leverages AI makes it possible for you to automatically identify TEBs among expense report charges.

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Keep employees safe, happy, and productive

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Concur Expense

See expense data in one place and manage spending anywhere, anytime.
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Concur Travel

Integrate travel with Concur Expense for more compliance and cost control.
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Concur Benefits Assurance

Automatically track, report, and calculate taxable employee benefits using AI.

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