Concur Invoice

Bring your invoice processing up to speed with
Concur's invoice software.

Concur's Invoice Management software automates the time-consuming process of collecting, submitting, approving and paying supplier invoices and check requests. Take your time back as Concur helps you speed up your invoice process.

Automate invoices, too!

If you're already automating travel booking and expense reports - why not include invoices, too? Concur's business invoice software allows you to easily process and pay supplier invoices. Capture invoice data quickly and effortlessly with any of our five methods:

  • E-invoicing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning
  • Scan and Key
  • Supplier Network
  • Outsourced Service
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Match invoices with purchase orders.

No matter what system you're currently using, we've got you covered. We'll automatically match invoices to the purchase order, highlight any discrepancies and let the invoice owner verify the goods and services were received. PO matching is a time-saver for your accounts payable department and ensures the budget is spent the way it was intended.

Maximize your supplier interactions.

With Invoice Management, vendors and suppliers can track the progress of their submitted invoices. Automating the process means accounts payable staff spends less time answering suppliers' questions and more time getting work done. You'll also have better insight into not just where money gets spent, but how and when.

Avoid payment bottlenecks with expedited processing.

By automating the way supplier invoices are managed and paid, organizations will speed up the entire process for their accounts payable staff. Approved invoices can be automatically paid by ACH or check. Using Concur's payment service will minimize your workload and maximize your cash flow.

Pilot Travel Centers Invoice Case Study

Invoice imaging makes storage and processing easier.

To further cut invoice processing time, your organization can take advantage of the Invoice Capture service. All invoices, whether paper, email or fax, are sent to a central location to be scanned and uploaded for you into Invoice Processing. Invoice Capture takes away the manual work for you and makes your life easier.

Concur delivers a better user experience by automating invoice processing.

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