Spend management solutions for healthcare

Automate AP, expense, and travel management to speed up processes, increase employee satisfaction, and have more time for patient care.

Ensure budgets are used wisely without sacrificing quality care

Healthcare organizations are constantly asked to do more with less while continuing to deliver exceptional care. By automating travel and expense processes, your organization can be more efficient, control costs, and provide employees with mobile-friendly tools that make their jobs easier.

  • Reduce fraud and improve compliance
  • Control costs to optimize cashflow
  • Increase visibility into CME expenses and budgets
  • Speed up T&E processes

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Stay ahead of compliance risks and regulatory changes

When expense and AP processes are easier for employees, it’s far more likely they’ll comply with your organization’s spending policies. By leveraging AI and machine learning, SAP Concur solutions help make it easier to comply with the rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.

Get tips for compliance Mitigate fraud risks

Control costs to optimize cashflow for patient-centric initiatives

Automating and integrating expense management allows your healthcare organization to capture spending data from multiple sources, get an accurate look at what's being spent, and simplify the reimbursement process for everyone.

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Increase visibility into CME budgets and expenses

Get a near real-time view of your organization’s spend, including CME spending, so you can empower budget owners with the tools and actionable insights they need to control costs.

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Success story: SavaSeniorCare

To make life easier for traveling employees, SavaSeniorCare added Concur Expense to its Concur Travel solution. Read the full story and see how connecting T&E decreased processing costs, simplified reimbursements, and saved the healthcare-services provider more than $200,000 in a single year.

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See what these SAP Concur solutions can do for your healthcare organization

Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control costs — all in one place.

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Take control of driving expenses with automatic distance capture, documentation, and reimbursement.

Mileage best practices

Concur Detect

Uncover compliance errors by analyzing receipts, credit card transactions, and bookings with artificial intelligence.

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Get a near real-time, consolidated view of your budget and take control of your company’s spending.

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Intelligent Audit

Let our team of global auditors handle expense audits and free your employees to focus on other tasks.

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Service Administration

Get expert advice when you need it and get the most from your SAP Concur solutions.

Learn about Service Administration

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