Solutions for healthcare

Manage your healthcare organization’s expense, travel, and invoicing effectively by removing back-office barriers and freeing your employees to innovate.

Ensure that your budgets are used wisely so you can achieve better business outcomes that help your patients

Healthcare organizations are being asked to do more with less while maintaining high standards of care. As a result, embracing innovative technology is imperative to success. With SAP Concur solutions, you can:

  • Control costs to better allocate budgets
  • Improve processes for employees
  • Properly track CME spending
  • Reduce fraud and improve compliance
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    Save time and redistribute funds to more patient-centric initiatives

    With powerful healthcare expense management, you can ensure that every dollar is used purposefully. Connect all of your sources of employee spend data to gain insights and make more strategic decisions.

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    Make expense reporting easier to allow your employees to spend more time on patient centric tasks

    Improve your employees’ experiences, retention, and attract more talent with intuitive tools and apps that make expenses easier and faster, such as easily tracking driving mileage. As a result, frontline health workers can focus on treatment outcomes.

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    Track CME spending so your budget can be effectively allocated

    With Budget from SAP Concur, you can get a near real-time view of your spend, including CME spending, so you can empower budget owners with the tools and actionable insights they need to better control costs.

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    Stay ahead of compliance risks and regulatory changes

    By ensuring that your healthcare expense management and invoice processes are easier for employees, they are more likely to spend within policies. Additionally, the latest technology like machine learning helps you remain compliant with new rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.

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