The Concur Platform

Discover partner apps that extend the value of your SAP Concur solution.

Partner integrations that help simplify expense, travel, and invoice management

Our open platform enables partners to develop apps and services that effortlessly integrate with and leverage SAP Concur data. These partner solutions help your business:

  • Make better use of your SAP Concur data to make better business decisions.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Discover a more seamless travel experience.

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Seamless integration with your financial system

Integrate SAP Concur with your ERP, HR, and accounting systems for a single view of your financial information. With an integrated environment, organizations have one connected process to manage spend.

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Automate your VAT reclaim

Significantly increase your value added tax reclaim with partners that automatically analyze and reclaim your VAT.

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Limit your payroll audit risk

Avoid costly cross-border payroll tax exposures by automatically assessing tax and immigration risks for employees traveling outside their home state or country.

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Pursuing innovation to enhance business travel

Concur Labs surfaces innovations and collaborates on prototypes with partners to advance the Concur Platform. Projects include integrations with Slack, Microsoft Outlook, and Alexa for Business.

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Partner apps and services future-proof your investment

Unlike other travel and expense management systems, our open platform supports an ecosystem of partner applications and services designed to help manage compliance, spend, and traveler experience.

Apps for travel

Improve the travel experience with apps that provide trip planning, translation, and safety tips. Streamline the expense process with e-receipts from your most commonly used suppliers.

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance

Partner connectors analyze expenses to ensure compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and leverage data in SAP Concur to create a full audit trail.

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Mexico CFDI compliance

Partner apps make it easy to comply with Mexican Tax Authority regulations that require 3rd party validation of digital invoices and receipts (CFDI).

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Life Sciences regulation compliance

Simplify Open Payments reporting (formerly Sunshine Act). Partner integrations reduce manual entry of HCP attendees—easily creating compliant records for state, federal, and international governments.

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Single sign-on integration

SAP Concur integrates with leading identity management providers so it’s easy for you to onboard new employees, manage user permissions, and remove access to the system when necessary.

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Client billing

Improve cash flow while lowering operating costs with partner apps for client billing. Leverage data from Concur Expense and Invoice to generate client bill statements so you never miss a due date.

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