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An automated process ensures VAT compliance.

Headquartered in Arizona, Lumension Security is a global leader in technology security solutions and comprises offices across North America as well as international offices and operations across Europe and the Asian Pacific. In order to keep track of a highly mobile workforce and extensive travel on a global scale, Lumension requires pre-trip approval of itineraries and expenses. The company also requires a powerful, flexible travel and expense tool capable of streamlining complex international requirements and boosting global efficiency and visibility. With the Web and mobile functionality of Concur, managers can approve itineraries anytime, anywhere—either from their computer or on their BlackBerry.

Why Lumension Prefers Concur:

  • Travelers have visibility into expense report status and submission history as well as paperless filing.
  • Increased efficiency in the expense report process has enabled reallocation of resources.
  • Customized travel content features approved vendors and the best corporate rates.
  • Sales reps capture the best airfare deals and other savings with fast, electronic pre-trip approvals.
  • Automated global expense reporting ensures compliance with international regulation and VAT recovery.

"We have so many people in so many places around the world … It's critical that we have an automated, paperless workflow process in place for booking travel and paying expense reports … Every tool we employ internally has to meet the standards of excellence we demand of our own products and services. Concur never lets us down."

-Susan Rossi, VP Worldwide Controller






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