Traveler self-service (TSS)

Save time by giving travelers the power to easily and securely update travel records.

Let travelers update records and profiles on their own

Booking a ticket requires correct, complete traveler information. Without it, travel management companies need to waste time chasing information down as quickly as possible. Traveler Self-Service (part of Concur Compleat) gives travelers the power to easily update important information — all by themselves via a secure TSS website.

  • Update credit cards, TSA information, and more without needing a travel agent
  • Get back valuable time normally spent fixing or updating travel information
  • Act fast and avoid ticket cancellations or penalties

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How Traveler Self-Service Works

  1. TSS identifies missing info when a ticket is booked
  2. An alert email is sent to the traveler with a link
  3. The traveler follows the link to our secure TSS website
  4. A reservation number is entered to locate the trip
  5. The traveler quickly fixes or fills in missing information
  6. The traveler's profile is automatically updated

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