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Expense approval time has greatly decreased.

LMI Aerospace, Inc. provides state-of-the-art materials for large commercial, corporate, and military aircraft—including design and engineering services. The company’s priorities were “standardization, visibility and control” when it switched to an automated solution. So, when they decided to bring its travel and expense management system into the 21st century, it chose Concur as the vehicle. Now, travelers use an American Express corporate card, and employees who buy factory supplies use a purchasing card (Pcard). Transactions from both cards feed directly into the solution.

Why LMI Aerospace Prefers Concur:

  • Better contracts now negotiated with hotel providers and card companies.
  • Increased visibility allowed insights into spending on meeting space “pop.”
  • Approval time has dropped from two weeks to three days or less for 69% of expense reports.
  • Corporate cards now used for travel; Pcards now for supply purchases. Both feed directly into solution.

“They understood what we were looking for without us really knowing … And they offered customization for our configuration—we appreciated that kind of flexibility … Thanks to Concur, we’ll be able to get volume-purchase savings because we have visibility across all our plants."

-Susan Trevisano, Manager of Shared Services






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