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Bring all your managed travel details into one place

Get visibility on travel, negotiate better rates and locate employees in emergencies.

No matter how tightly managed your travel program is, there are always exceptions.

Your employees have many opportunities to book travel outside your existing travel management system, from booking hotels for conferences to comparing flights and hotels on third party sites.

Concur® TripLink connects trips, travelers, and itineraries across multiple channels. That way you can apply policy to direct bookings, locate and support your travelers and ensure negotiated rates are being booked.

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Connect every trip, every traveler, and every bit of data for better visibility.

Improve traveler productivity and ease of use.

You get instant access to travelers' plans when they use TripIt, the world's highest-rated travel organizing app used by more than 13 million travelers. Travel confirmation emails forwarded to TripIt become immediately available in Concur.

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Increase profitability through visibility.

Consolidated travel and expense makes it easy for you to enforce compliance with policies and audit all transactions—regardless of vendor. Knowing total spend with each vendor may empower you to negotiate discounts.

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Safer for travelers.

With all travel details for each employee in one place, companies can locate, communicate with and support travelers in emergencies, fulfilling their duty of care.

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Faster, easier and more accurate.

Concur TripLink creates one itinerary, makes it accessible via Concur and mobile apps, and builds an expense report as the trip happens. Data flows into Concur Expense for streamlined reporting.

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