Improving employee experience

Every business wants happy employees. With the right tools, you can simplify and speed up tedious processes, making life easier and more productive for everyone in your company.

A great employee experience benefits your entire organization

Every job has tasks that employees would rather avoid. In fact, 67% of businesses say that freeing staff from mundane tasks is their top goal. Watch the video and see how a positive employee experience (EX) can ripple across your entire business.

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Simplify processes for more control, visibility, and efficiency

Happier employees is just the start when you simplify travel, expense, and invoice management. By automating and connecting these process, your business gains access to data that can help increase productivity, control spend, maximize profits, and drive policy compliance.

6 ways to improve EX

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Our mission is to deliver solutions to our business partners that transform, scale, or grow the business [through] process re-engineering and automation. SAP Concur helps us achieve our goals by allowing us to scale our organization and improve productivity as our employee population keeps growing. We are delivering quick, easy, and fully auditable T&E functionality to our employees.”

Reema Mukherjee
Senior Manager, Business Transformation and Automation at VMware

How SAP Concur solutions can help

We offer an automated, integrated travel, expense, and invoice management solution that provides the accurate data, analytics, and visibility your organization needs to control spend. Our solutions also connect your finance, IT, and HR teams in ways that lead to a better overall employee experience. Find out how.

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SAP Concur solutions can improve EX and increase productivity

Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control your company’s costs — all in one place.

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Concur Expense

Integrating  all of  your expense data means that you can manage your  company’s  spend anywhere, anytime.

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Concur Invoice

Automate AP to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and increase visibility into spend.

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