Encell Technology

Time on expense reports was cut by almost 80%.

Encell Technology is a small and powerful energy company where half of the employees travel on a regular basis. This generates expense reports with 50-60 transactions weekly from around the world, which translates to thousands of transactions in multiple currencies in every time zone. The complexities around the resulting expense data were creating enormous issues, and the CFO was spending nearly one full week per month processing expense reports. Following the implementation of a Concur solution, he now spends less than one day on this task. Automation and mobile capabilities are also saving time for employees who are submitting reports on time and error-free. Credit card integration (with cards from multiple providers) and seamless integration with the company’s QuickBooks financial application have additionally streamlined administrative processes and simplified account reconciliation. Why Encell Technology prefers Concur:

  • Time processing expense reports has been reduced by nearly 80%.
  • Automation ensures expense-report accuracy.
  • Due to ease of use, expense reports are submitted on time.
  • Credit card integration drives card spend and streamlines expense reporting.
  • Encell will soon double in size without adding a single FTE for T&E administration.

“Concur actually makes us money when you consider the savings in time … Manual entry was especially difficult for employees traveling around the world … And with the Concur mobile solution, you virtually eliminate the problem of lost receipts. Our employees definitely appreciate the solution.”

-Chris Maier, CFO


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