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Zero time is now spent on expense reconciliation.

Westlake Financial is the country’s most experienced supplier of near-to-sub-prime automotive contracts in the U.S. The company is driven to provide its customers with the best service, while promoting dynamic growth. With 1,000 employees, sales operations in 49 states, $1B in receivables annually, a network of more than 13,000 auto dealerships across the country, and innovative technology-based financing products, Westlake must have operational technologies that offer the same advantage in efficiency that the company provides to its own customers. A period of exceptional expansion and growth in employee headcount (including a substantial rise in the number of expense reports and associated receipts) motivated the company’s move from a spreadsheet-based expense reporting system to Concur.

Why Westlake Prefers Concur:

  • Dramatic growth continues without addition of staff for T&E back-office operations.  
  • Automation and integration have eliminated manual retrieval and tracking of receipts.
  • Zero time is spent by staff on reconciliation.
  • Visibility into spending enables negotiation of preferred vendor rates.
  • Employees have one-click access to lowest fares and best travel options within policy.

It’s been a smooth ride since we first began to work with Concur. Our managers can clearly see the value and employees appreciate an automated system that gets their out-of-pocket spend paid more quickly.

-Patrick Amato, Director of Finance, Westlake Financial Services






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