Liz Claiborne

Compliance is now at 90% and adoption at 82%.

With more than 30 brands spanning three continents, Liz Claiborne was in search of a travel and expense management solution that was more universal and efficient than its paper based process. The company was also in need of a solution that would incorporate corporate policies to enforce employee expense compliance. Liz Claiborne looked to Concur to streamline the entire travel and expense reporting process for the company. Using Concur Travel & Expense, an on-demand travel booking and expense management solution, travelers within Liz Claiborne’s global organization now have access anytime, anywhere—to both book their travel and submit their expense reports.

Why Liz Claiborne Prefers Concur: 

  • Increased corporate card policy compliance to 90%. 
  • Online booking adoption of 82%; single sign-on and intuitive interface.
  • Expense reimbursement in 48 – 72 hours.
  • User-friendly, trip-based expense structure.

“Concur has streamlined the travel booking and expense reporting process for us, increasing productivity with employees. Now, completing the expense reporting process is just a click away.”

-Rafael Rosario, Global Travel Services Manager






Plano, TX


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