Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals hit a homerun with Concur T&E solutions.

The Washington Nationals Baseball Club, though scoring on the field, was burdened by an inefficient expense reporting system for their 250 employees. By deploying Concur® Audit, Concur® Expense, Concur® Travel and Concur® Business Intelligence, the organization was able to eliminate paper-based processes, increase visibility into their total spend and access data in real time. In addition, they eliminated the possibility of fraud and errors, and rolled out the mobile solution for their travelers to submit claims anywhere, anytime.

Why the Washington Nationals prefer Concur:

- Elimination of paper-based processes.
- Mobile capabilities.
- Reduced potential for fraud or errors.
- Significant time and cost savings.

"...every employee who travels can file expense reports easily and quickly 24/7. Concur’s ease of use has made a tremendous difference.”

-Kelly Pitchford, Senior Director of Accounting, the Washington Nationals

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