Concur is an SAP Company

Case Studies

Travel booking fees have decreased by 30%.
Adelman partners with Concur to capture hard data and keep their travelers safe.
Powered by Concur data, Taxback International reclaims thousands in VAT refunds for AEG
One T&E solution was key to staying connected with global business travelers and reimbursing them quickly.
ALPS Corporation gains visibility into travel spend by utilizing TripLink.
American Red Cross reduces their invoice cycle from thirty days to five.
Small business accounting tools net big results
Avid Center escaped from mountains of paper by automating expense reports with Concur.
Data now automatically reconciled with e-receipts.
Partnering with Concur improves T&E systems company-wide.
Effectively managing the complexities of government contractor compliance
Savings of 40% per expense report processed.
Expense reporting is now virtually paperless.
Bridgestone and Concur partner in paperless expense reporting
Cable & Wireless deploys Concur for maximum ROI
An automated TE process has eliminated paper.