Concur Detect by AppZen

Automatically audit 100% of expense reports for fraud and compliance issues.

Audit every expense report in near real time with artificial intelligence

Concur Detect by AppZen works with Concur Expense to uncover policy compliance errors by using AI to analyze receipts, credit card transactions, and bookings. With Concur Detect, you can:

  • Reduce expense report errors by up to 66%
  • Capture 10 times the amount of errors and fraud before reimbursement
  • Shorten auditing time by as much as 90%*
  • Audit 100% of expense reports


* Based on SAP Concur internal testing

Improve compliance

Features of Concur Detect

Extract relevant audit data with patented ReceiptIQ™ technology from AppZen

AI and machine-learning collect detailed information about submitted expenses through automated receipt extraction, translation, deep learning, and natural language processing.

Tap into external sources and social media to uncover policy violations

By cross-checking expense information against public and private databases, AI technology can research receipt data to confirm if a transaction is valid.

Isolate fraud from accidents

Concur Detect tracks incidents of errors and fraud against your employee base and gives you the power to isolate intentional misuse from accidental claims.

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