Travel for small and midsized businesses

Integrate T&E processes to increase visibility into spending, drive policy compliance, and keep employees safe on the road.

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To better understand how small and midsized businesses are approaching a return to travel, we surveyed organizations in the U.S. Canada, the U.K., France, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Read the full report and learn all about our key findings, which included:

  • 97% expect a “new normal” in business travel (e.g. wearing face masks, hand sanitizer)
  • 37% expect limiting the use of public transportation
  • 26% predict using their personal vehicle for traveling
  • 23% said pre-trip approvals are critical for a safe return to the road

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Businesses of every size can benefit from integrating travel and expense

In today’s business climate, controlling T&E spending is more challenging and important than ever. By investing in SAP Concur solutions, businesses of all sizes can integrate T&E processes to create a single, connected system that can keep employees safe, productive, and satisfied — all at an affordable price.

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Expand Concur Expense and return to business travel smoothly and safely

Employee safety, productivity, and cost controls are essential to the success of every business. By adding Concur TripLink and TripIt Pro to Concur Expense, your business gets the added layer of visibility needed to protect employees, keep costs down, and help employees get more done on the road.

  • Always know where employees are and connect quickly in an emergency
  • Capture itinerary details no matter how a trip is booked.
  • Apply policy controls at the start of the booking process
  • View neighborhood safety scores

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Control T&E costs, create cost-saving policies, and keep employees satisfied

Every SMB is working hard to adapt to the times, optimize cash flow, and direct spending to where it’s needed most. Download our eBook and see what your business can do to control T&E spending, balance costs with employee safety and happiness, and create clear policies that employees will follow.

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See what these SAP Concur solutions can do for your business

Concur Request

Simplify and speed up requests and approvals, drive policy compliance, and take control of company spend.

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TripIt Pro

Book travel, monitor itinerary changes, get alerts, and share travel plans on-the-go.

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Partner network

Connect to our partner network to drive compliance, control spend, and give travelers a seamless booking experience.

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Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control costs with a managed travel solution

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