Educational Data Systems, Inc.

Time spent on expense reports was cut 60-70%.

Educational Data Systems, Inc. is a workforce development, customized training and consulting company that provides business services as well as jobseeker placement and retention services for various government programs and corporations across the country. With close to 200 travelers (most working remotely through 27 offices in 7 states) and expectations of further growth, Educational Data Systems, Inc. was in need of an automated and integrated corporate card and expense reporting solution to gain efficiencies, boost compliance, and achieve visibility into expense data. They chose to automate and integrate their expense management system with Concur® Expense and the American Express® Corporate Card. Implementation took just a month, and the results were swift and impressive. Why Educational Data Systems, Inc. Prefers Concur:

  • Accounting staff hours spent processing expense reports have been slashed 60-70%.
  • Employee hours devoted to generating expense reports have been reduced by 75%.
  • Reconciliation time—credit card expenses/expense reports—has been reduced by 50%.
  • Compliance to T&E policies has improved from approximately 80% to 95%.
  • Visibility into travel expenses has soared from zero to 100%.
  • Expense reimbursement time is now four times faster.
  • One FTE position devoted to processing expense reports was eliminated.

"We have reduced the time it takes employees to complete an expense report by 75% and have cut the time it takes to process an expense report by more than 66% … Our employees are freed up to spend their time and efforts on more productive tasks … Compliance has improved tremendously … Adoption has been exceptional."

-Rob Dancer, CFO






Dearborn, MI


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