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Changing the way they think about filing expense reports

For more than 60 years, The McKnight Foundation have used their resources to attend, unite, and empower those they serve — striving to build stronger communities for those in need. A Minnesota-based family foundation, The McKnight Foundation prides themselves on improving the quality of life for present and future generations. Before Concur, The McKnight Foundation had a very manual process. Employees kept track of their expenses by attaching paper receipts to manually created spreadsheets. Employees would then send the completed expense report with attached paper receipts to their manager for approval. The accounting team would then physically enter all of the information into their database and cut the employees reimbursement checks. “It has saved us a ton of time and money to move to Concur. Especially for accounting — processing all of those credit cards for employee reimbursement forms and manually entering everything into the system took a ton of time,” says Malaika Smith, Accountant, The McKnight Foundation. 

  • With Concur Travel & Expense, The McKnight Foundation has greater control and scalability.
  • Since implementing Concur, The McKnight Foundation has saved 50% of their time spent on filing expense reports.
  • “With Concur Receipt Audit, it makes sure our employees are in compliance with our expense policies. Employees knowing that their receipts are being looked at increases employee credibility,” Malaika Smith, Accountant, The McKnight Foundation. 

Implementing Concur Travel & Expense has saved time for both our employees and the back office. It makes our data more reliable; it gives our employees more access to all of their information such as expenses, historic data, etc. It makes our lives way easier and much more connected!

-Malaika Smith, The McKnight Foundation






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