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Concur and Dornier MedTech—improving healthy business operations together.

With its headquarters in Germany, Dornier MedTech designs, manufactures and markets  innovative technologies to provide quality medical solutions that support human health.  They turned to Concur® for Mobile and Concur® Expense when they needed a transparent, automated solution to assist them in meeting the Sunshine Act’s complex reporting requirements.  One year after implementation, Dornier MedTech America saved $190,000 in T&E processing costs, and reduced the time spent processing expense reports by more than 50%.

Why Dornier MedTech prefers Concur:

  • Time savings.
  • Ease-of-use globally.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Transparency.

"In the first year alone, we saved $190,000 in costs associated with processing expense reports."

- Tracy Anderson, AP Coordinator for Dornier MedTech America


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