Center for Community Self-Help

Complete visibility into spend improves processes across the board.

The fastest growing credit union in the US, the Center for Community Self Help has 6 regional offices, 36 credit unions, and facilities in North Carolina, Illinois, and California. They process more than 120 expense reports every month and manage approximately $1.5M in travel spend annually, but outdated and inefficient T&E processes could not keep up with their rapid growth. With incremental implementation of Concur’s automated solutions, they achieved total visibility into spend and improved processes across the organization. Why the Center for Community Self-Help prefers Concur: - Real-time credit card data integration. - Convenient mobile application. - Instant access to policy compliant travel options. - Eliminated storage of paper reports and receipts.

Concur understands our mission and provides great customer service. We could not ask for better account management or a more responsive partner.

-Merald Holloway, VP-Director of Administrative Services, Center for Community Self-Help






Durham, North Carolina


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