Gonzaga and Duty of Care

(Part 3 of 4) How Automation Helped Gonzaga University Seamlessly Pivot to a Remote Work Environment

This is part three of four in this customer story video series.

Gonzaga is a global institution, and as the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading, Gonzaga had to move fast to get their students studying abroad back home to the U.S. immediately.

“We have a campus in Florence, Italy and we had an entire class over there, a couple hundred students,” explains Wilson. “But as you would have it, it was spring break over there, so they weren't even on our campus in Florence. They were all over Europe enjoying spring break. We had to work very quickly to notify all of those students and get them to come home directly from wherever they were in Europe, and not travel back to the Florence campus because the virus was spreading so quickly in Italy. We knew the Florence airport was going to close down, so we didn't want them to go back there and get stuck. We assisted in getting them back to their homes in the U.S. and our Florence faculty and staff actually went into their ‘pensiones’ and packed up all of their belongings and shipped them back to the States to the students. Having the visibility to where our students were and the ability to get ahold of them was extremely important and a real eye-opener for a lot of people.”

Gonzaga also had faculty in Florence to consider. However, due to its managed travel program, the University knew exactly where all of their staff were. Faculty members that were not on spring break stayed and assisted to pack up everything to send home to the students in a timely manner and were able to get out of the country as well.

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I heard from a number of people—senior leadership and faculty—who were traveling right up until the very last minute who didn’t realize that there was a pandemic going on. And all of a sudden, these travelers were getting alert messages about the risk. And our new Risk Director at Gonzaga loves everything that Concur Locate has to offer.

– Linda Wilson, Director of Finance Systems and Services, Gonzaga University






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