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(Part 2 of 4) How Automation Helped Gonzaga University Seamlessly Pivot to a Remote Work Environment

This is part two of four in this customer story video series.

With a finance team that is used to being in a campus office environment and having to suddenly transition to remote work—you can imagine the day-to-day challenges that would result from not having access to the office. However, due to Gonzaga having its accounts payable processes set up with automation, the finance team was not taxed with the hardship that would result from operating in a manual way.

“Our process in the finance office was a very smooth transition for us because everything we were doing was online,” explains Wilson. “We had eliminated any paper processes and any physical approvals. It was the smoothest part of the entire transition—to be able to work remotely for all of our travel and expense processing, all of our invoice processing, and in capturing the data that we were able to provide our senior leadership. That was all, very, very smooth because of SAP Concur.”

For institutions like Gonzaga, accessing spend data and reporting with transparency on that spend is crucial—and why data integration is so important.

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Our senior leadership pays special attention to the data that we were able to give through SAP Concur reporting. Our Consultative Intelligence specialist was able to tweak reports on a moment’s notice for us as they added additional criteria that leadership wanted to be able to look at. It saved us hours and hours of having to tweak reports ourselves and allowed us to better serve our senior leadership.

– Linda Wilson, Director of Finance Systems and Services, Gonzaga University






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