Gonzaga and AP Automation

(Part 1 of 4) How Automation Helped Gonzaga University Seamlessly Pivot to a Remote Work Environment

This is part one of four in this customer story video series.

Gonzaga University is a global institution, and previously had a manual expense and invoice process that was cumbersome, provided no transparency, was paper-heavy, and required physical signatures. The University knew they needed to streamline its accounts payable processes in order to gain insight to spend data to inform critical decisions that was previously impossible with a paper-process.

“We knew we needed to streamline our processes and actually be able to get our arms around the data that we knew existed, but we couldn’t get our arms around it, of course, using a paper process,” shares Linda Wilson, Director of Finance Systems and Services at Gonzaga.

When Gonzaga first started exploring automated solutions to its manual, paper processes around travel, expense and invoicing—no one could’ve foreseen that their proactiveness would be instrumental in being able to continue business as usual during a pandemic, such as COVID-19. As a result of having automated solutions in place, Gonzaga was able to act instantly. The University created a task force to navigate through the process of sending faculty and staff home to work remotely, which included getting the IT support they needed to accomplish this—to ensure proper equipment and training was facilitated for a group of people that had never worked fully remote before.

“The easiest for us was, thank goodness, we had a system like SAP Concur where all the work really could be done remotely,” says Wilson. “And there’s nothing like a crisis to help provide senior leadership a look at where would we have been if we weren’t able to do all of these processes remotely.”

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I think it's just really important for you guys to understand that I'm sure other universities are figuring all of this out the hard way right now. I really don't know what we would have done during this pandemic without the tools that we are using through SAP Concur. I think some of the business might've come to a halt as far as reimbursements and sending invoices and paying invoices. Right now, I feel like we can handle anything because we've gone through the latest crisis and you guys must probably feel the same way—a lot of lessons learned, but things that will stick with us for a lifetime.

– Linda Wilson, Director of Finance Systems and Services, Gonzaga University






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