Gonzaga and Partnership and Trust

(Part 4 of 4) How Automation Helped Gonzaga University Seamlessly Pivot to a Remote Work Environment

This is part four of four in this customer story video series.

Higher Education institutions traditionally have a non-mandate culture, making it challenging for many schools to implement a managed travel program. Wilson expressed that Gonzaga thought they would never be able to execute on a managed travel policy¬—but she and her team stayed persistent about the benefits of SAP Concur solutions and how it could help the University.

“Now, is the policy ever broken,” asks Wilson? “Absolutely. It does happen. We always offer grace. It's kind of our opportunity to partner with those travelers to show them we do understand, but here's why we need you to be booking in the program. When we express that ‘we want to take better care of you,’ we usually win them over. I’ve never had a second offense on any of our faculty or staff, so I feel really good about that. And when it comes to a crisis like we’ve just been through—everyone’s on board. They get it now. It becomes very clear why a managed travel program is very important for duty of care purposes.”

Furthermore, with higher education institutions being a pivotal focus for SAP Concur, the partnership and trust between Gonzaga and SAP Concur is extremely valuable.

“I think hands down the most important thing that allowed us to develop a really good partnership and a deeper trust was a couple years ago when we had a misstep in implementing one of the Concur tools and Concur really stepped up to the plate and recognized that they needed a new plan and strategy in order for us to implement this tool successfully,” explains Wilson. “And that's exactly what they did. It pretty much saved the day. And it was really pivotal in the relationship. It was a huge trust builder, and we've enjoyed a really close relationship with everyone that we're involved with at SAP Concur.”

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In mid-March at the beginning of COVID-19, we were able to identify our travelers and we were able to bring them home. We were able to transition our staff to work remotely, provide a seamless business continuity—and it dawned on our team that we would never have been able to do that without having the tools that we have from SAP Concur.

– Linda Wilson, Director of Finance Systems and Services, Gonzaga University






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