Voice Enabled Travel Search: There's an App for That

Hot off the IDC presses, Android now accounts for 75 percent of the smartphone platform market (based on devices shipped). We at Concur think that's worthy of some special attention, so if you've got an Android phone, we've got an app just for you. And we'd like you to give it a try.

Our latest release of Concur mobile for Android includes voice-enabled search. Sounds techy, but it’s also pretty cool.

Let's say you're on a business trip in NYC and you've decided to spend a couple of extra days in the city, but your current hotel is booked, so you need to find another option near you. Or, maybe you're stuck in traffic and get an overwhelming desire to see Paris in the fall and wonder if there's an affordable hotel near the Eiffel Tower. All you have to do is tell Concur mobile what you're looking for and let the app do the searching.


How it works:


1) To activate the voice search, in Concur mobile's Hotel page, click on the microphone icon in the upper right corner.

Voice-enabled Travel Search

2) On the Voice Book screen, press the microphone icon and tell the app what you're look for. Say something like “Find a hotel near me” or “Find me a hotel near the Eiffel Tower in the summer.”

Voice-enabled Search Microphone

3) The app uses your phone's location service and is able to interpret concepts like “summer” or “Christmas” and will search and present your options. It’s that simple.


Tell us what you think... and get a banana slicer?

Now, we might think this is already the greatest thing since the banana slicer, but the only way we can secure our place on the “greatest things” list is to make it even better. And that takes your great ideas and feedback.

If you've already downloaded the Concur mobile app, you've got this feature in your hands—just look for the microphone and give it a try. If not, this app is available for Android 2.2 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Check it out. Use it. Prove that Android users are smart and savvy, and then send your feedback to AndroidMobileFeedback@concur.com. We’ll send a banana slicer to the first 10 people we hear from.


Photo credit: House of Hall


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