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Get Ahead of Travel Disruptions with TripIt Pro Risk Alerts

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You’re embarking on a trip. You’ve meticulously planned every detail of your itinerary. Yet, despite your best efforts, an unforeseen disruption occurs—setting in motion the need to reorganize and rebook several of your plans. 

Whether it’s an airline pilot strike, a sudden snowstorm, or a technology outage, travel disruptions happen. And when they do, it’s helpful to know about them as early as possible so you can pivot your travel plans quickly—and save valuable time, money, and peace of mind. 

Introducing: Risk Alerts—the newest notification from TripIt Pro. 

With Risk Alerts, you’ll receive timely notifications when there’s a potential airline or airport incident that may cause your plans to go awry. With critical information at your fingertips, you’ll be ahead of the masses when it comes to re-strategizing your travel plans. This could mean getting to the airport four hours early instead of two, so you don’t miss your flight; rescheduling your flight to the next morning to avoid a storm; or packing a carry-on instead of a checked bag if baggage handlers are on strike.  

In all cases, you can be prepared to make the best decisions for your trip. 

How does it work? 

TripIt Pro Risk Alerts notifies you when a potential disruption may impact your trip—even before they result in a flight delay or cancellation. These proactive alerts keep you in the know, so you can make informed decisions and stay agile as unexpected situations arise.  

You’ll receive Risk Alerts as push notifications on your mobile device. Within the app, find them in the Alerts tab or as indicators next to the affected travel plan in your trip timeline and with your flight details. When you tap the alert, you’ll be shown more details about the alert, so you can learn more. This information comes from our partner Riskline. 

“TripIt will now be able to help travelers stay informed about relevant disruptions and empower them with the most up-to-date information during their trip.” - Suzanne Sangiovese, Director of Travel and Technology at Riskline

While other apps give you alerts about flight-specific details—like delays, cancellations, or gate changes—TripIt Pro Risk Alerts provides a fuller perspective, covering incidents in the bigger picture that may affect your trip. Other travelers may know that their flight is delayed, but TripIt Pro travelers may know the why, the how—and the details you need to respond. 

DYK? TripIt Pro’s Alternate Flights feature can help you figure out what your options are for getting on a different flight if yours is delayed or canceled. 

What events will I receive alerts about? 

TripIt Pro Risk Alerts will monitor incidents that affect airports and airlines in your itinerary, over the dates of your flight(s), including:

  • Weather events, such as thunderstorms, snowstorms, and tornados
  • Political unrest and protests
  • Labor action (e.g., strikes)
  • Communication and technology outages 
  • Airport incidents, like scheduled runway maintenance or emergency closures


In the future, we hope to expand incident monitoring to other parts of your itinerary like restaurant reservations, meetings, and more. 

"I'm thrilled to expand our partnership with TripIt and add real-time Risk Alerts to their product offering,” said Suzanne Sangiovese, Director of Travel and Technology at Riskline. “TripIt will now be able to help travelers stay informed about relevant disruptions and empower them with the most up-to-date information during their trip. I am certain that TripIt will continue to go above and beyond for their customers and keep helping travelers adapt to evolving world events. Being part of that is inspiring and aligns fully with our mission.” 

With timely information at your fingertips, you can be better prepared for the next step in your itinerary—whether that’s showing up to the airport early, rescheduling your flight, or doing more research into alternate plans. Risk Alerts might be the breaking news you need to keep your next trip on track. 

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