Duty of Care

Corporate safety and security are bigger issues than ever. Support employee safety and reduce risk while bringing peace-of-mind to your employees.

Articles about Duty of Care

The Busy Person’s Guide to Spend Management Automation
Okay, this isn’t a guide really. It’s more of a round-up of helpful resources on spend management automation for anyone with limited time in their day. In other words, for all of us. The goal is for y
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Preventing and Detecting Fraud Risks in Times of Economic Uncertainty
Even during this challenging time fraud unfortunately does not stop According to the President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE Bruce Dorris The COVID pandemic and...
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Behind-the-Scenes Tips to Successful Automation Planning: An SAP Concur Conversations Podcast with Flexso
Implementation partner and reseller Flexso helps customers integrate SAP solutions for a wide range of business lines. Jeanne Dion, Vice President of the Value Teams at SAP Concur, spoke with Roeland
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What is Duty of Care?
What Is Duty of Care Duty of Care is an organizations legal obligation to protect employees from harm For instance when employees travel for work its critical that businesses take...
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Dynamic Spend Management in Higher Education: Establishing a Travel Program with Strong Duty of Care Principals
As colleges and universities work to relaunch and prioritize their travel and spend management programs disrupted by the COVID pandemic institutions have an obligation duty of care...
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CDC Expert: Free Resources to Empower Your Travelers
When it comes to traveling amid the COVID pandemic there are plenty of free resources available from the CDC that companies can use now to help regain traveler confidence During a...
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