Fraud and Compliance

Fraud and noncompliance hurt businesses of every size. With the right technology, your organization can increase compliance, mitigate risk, and spot issues before they become costly problems.

Articles about Fraud and Compliance

How Is Your Utility or Energy Company Addressing Spend Compliance?
Now is a great time to update your systems and automate spend management. Not only can a great spend management solution help your organization insert important spend controls and gain more visibility
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Advanced Business and Process Automation Should Lead Your Digital Transformation
Advanced automation transforms more than just companies, processes and efficiency. It also can transform the careers of finance and IT leaders who apply business process automation with sophistication
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SAP Concur Audit Options Explained
See what auditing tools and services we have available and find out which one is right for your business.
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What Am I Supposed to Do With This?
It’s something you probably ask yourself when opening an invoice you didn’t expect or can’t believe (or perhaps you use a different, more colorful phrase we can’t repeat here). The fact is, no matter
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Getting Clarity and Compliance with Each Policy Shifts
In line with employee preferences and government directives, your company has sustainability goals. A range of capabilities can help. Policy preferences and in-solution tips can guide employees to gre
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Balancing Compliance and User Satisfaction with an Employee-Driven Travel and Expense Policy
How can we improve policy compliance keep travelers safe and give our users the best possible experience at the same time If youre a travel or finance manager youve probably asked...
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