3 ways to keep your sensitive data secure in today’s mobile workforce

New workstyles demand new security awareness. While this is a simple concept to grasp, it can be a very challenging problem for many companies to solve—especially if they’re small and medium sized businesses—as time is precious and cash flow can be tight.

Today’s workstyles demand new security awareness

To accommodate new workstyles and increase productivity, today’s workers require greater access and more timely connections to information. Millennials, especially, prefer office mobility. Enabling this access with the wrong systems in place can make your company’s sensitive data vulnerable.

In fact, with mobility on the rise, it’s important to discern where these security risks are coming from. Recent studies by Citrix and Cisco Systems provides the following insight about workplace mobility:

70% of workers frequently work from home

  • 68% of workers access files from smartphones
  • 52% of workers use public file sharing services
  • 28% of workers travel for business
  • 64% of businesses in North America and Europe identify providing mobility support for employees as a top priority

As workers want to work anywhere, at any time, it is critical to address how the locations, technologies and styles they prefer can present risks to their businesses’ information. Here are a few ways to eliminate some of that risk:

  1. Educate workers on best practices

Your employees should be educated your company’s data security during onboarding. Whether they’re working from laptop or smartphone, they’re responsible for sensitive corporate data. It’s important to think of the following when working out of the office:

  • Be careful how you’re sharing files, especially with public file-sharing applications like Drobox, Box.net, OwnCloud, Minbox and JungleDisk, to name a few.   
  • Consider secure communications such as VPNs or secure shared drives.
  • Be aware of what kids and spouses are doing on your computer as applications from storefronts, as well as music or video downloads can infect a system with malware.
  • Educate employees on recognizing a phishing email.


  1. Be aware

Long workdays traveling and being in public places can be especially dangerous for your company’s data security. It’s a normal human tendency to be tired and distracted from travel or being on the road, so educating employees on being aware of carelessness or negligence in these situations is important. Here are a couple things to consider:

  • Don’t leave laptops, tablets or smartphones sitting around at a conference or other public space.
  • Report missing devices immediately.
  • Take steps to determine the potential for a breach, even if sensitive data is encrypted on machines.
  • Educate employees on the significance of information security, and their role to help reduce the risk of a security breach.


  1. Work with what you have to implement Cloud based data security

There are options for Cloud based data security that can be catered to your small to medium sized businesses’ unique needs and systems while naturally integrating mobility into your workplace.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about data security with your mobile workforce? Learn about Concur’s Cloud Computing Security to find out whether it’s the right solution for your business.

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