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What Are SAP Concur Integrations?

Kyla Kent |

Transferring data across multiple systems can be costly, taking time and resources away from your organization. So we’re here to say –“fuhgeddaboudit!” SAP Concur integrations allow you to bring your organization’s existing ERP system along for the ride. But first – what exactly are they? SAP Concur integrations are digital connectors that offer a quick, secure, and accurate way to process expenses and post financial transactions and payments to your ERP system. Our ERP partners provide ERP integrations beyond the Concur-built integrations, such as QuickBooks, NetSuit, and SAP ICS. By leveraging these digital connectors, you can help your organization integrate its SAP Concur data within its existing ERP system to see all your spend data in one place.

SAP Concur integrations are:

  • Simple to activate and require minimal IT resources.
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems.
  • Provide timely information and reduce reporting delays.


Watch this video to learn more about SAP Concur integrations and see how they can help your organization deliver a more connected, seamless travel and expense experience that benefit your employees in the office, at home, or even while they’re on the go.


What SAP Concur integrations are available?

See for yourself! The SAP Concur App Center provides you a place to discover the partner apps and services that can extend the value of your SAP Concur solution. These apps and services provide greater insights into your total spend, simplify travel and expenses, and bring travelers closer to the perfect business trip.

The SAP Concur App Center includes apps for both companies and individual users:

  • Enterprise Applications: Discover turnkey business solutions that seamlessly integrate with your SAP Concur platform. For example, apps like Taxback International help companies reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) for international travel; Rocketrip helps cut costs by incentivizing employees to spend less on travel; and MedPro Connect Expense & Invoice enables industry-specific compliance measures for Open Payments to be simplified and followed.
  • Individual User Connections: Individual users can link user connection apps to their own SAP Concur account. These links are created in a secure fashion, using authentication tokens, rather than through manual sharing of usernames and passwords. Examples include Uber, Lyft, and a variety of apps to help users manage their travel and expenses more efficiently. Additionally, users with Concur TripLink will be able to link their accounts with travel suppliers like IHG or Starwood so reservations made on their websites flow automatically into Concur Travel.

Improve spend management and compliance while making travel and expensing easier for users. Visit our App Center today to see how our pre-built integrations allow for easy adoption and deployment.


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