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3 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your IT team With Native SAP Integration

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Becoming a best-run business requires strategic thinking and bold steps into a largely interconnected digital future. Because these steps often require the adoption and development of new technologies, IT organizations have a very big role to play. With integrated tools from both SAP and SAP Concur solutions, IT teams can simultaneously streamline the management of multiple systems in addition to improving the way that the entire business handles its data.

Here are three key ways that native solutions integration can give IT a much bigger impact on the larger organization:


1. Synchronizing your systems makes them easier to use

Typically, when multiple systems are in use at once, complexity and difficulty can be a byproduct of the experience. But the single-system user experience between SAP software and SAP Concur solutions means that you can enable the applications to communicate and exchange data in both directions. The near real-time integration of both systems allows them to remain in sync, reduce errors, and automate cumbersome processes. This simplifies the jobs of your users and frees them up to focus on higher value tasks.

Quickly integrate SAP Concur solutions with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP ERP application.



2. IT can help the business be more strategic by providing systems that offer additional insights

The data that your business collects is its lifeblood. For companies of any size, the amount of data they have can sometimes be overwhelming if they aren’t able to derive valuable insights from them.

That’s why, with the analytics capabilities in SAP Concur solutions, all relevant data is located in one tool. Plus, you can now retrieve details from SAP ERP and S/4HANA about the status of your expense reports. Monitoring capabilities allow you to see message exchanges between the two solutions from both the technical and business perspectives also while simplifying audits.


3. Increase the value of your investment by lowering costs

One of the best ways that an IT organization can have a noticeable impact on the rest of the business is by improving its bottom line. By implementing integration of SAP software with SAP Concur solutions more quickly, more easily, and at lower cost, you can reduce the resources it takes to manage your IT system.


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