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Latest Resources for Accelerating Your Finance Career

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We work with a wide range of industry experts to gather and develop resources that help finance leaders, like you, advance their leadership skills, industry knowledge, and professional growth. Below you’ll find our curated list of resources, which is updated on a regular basis. Make sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what’s new and noteworthy. 

Leadership Skills 

New Finance Leader Checklist: 30-60-90 Day Action Plan 
Your first 90 days as a finance leader will likely be a whirlwind. Learn how to create a plan and map the steps that will keep you on track and measure your progress during this busy time. 

Finance Professional Personality Test 
Take this 11-question quiz to find out what finance personality you exemplify in the workplace. Complete the test and you’ll also receive a free Expense Reporting Toolkit. 

eBook: Create business agility with transformational leadership 
This eBook reveals how finance and IT can create business agility, employee success, and growth through transformational leadership. 

Guide: How the CFO Can Create Partnerships and Boost Company ROI 
Every decision made by every employee has a cost. Use this guide as a reference for solving common pain points so your teams do their jobs more effectively. 

From Budgets to Decision Making, Create Certainty in Uncertain Times 

This whitepaper will help to get the equation using just two common areas of your business and you’ll learn how it can help you maintain a healthy bottom line and increase stability. 

CFO Insights: In Another Year of Uncertainty, CFOs Become Paragons of Business Resiliency 
In this paper, CFOs at global SAP business units share their best practices for digital investments, inflation management, sustainability strategy, and talent retention. 

How Can Your Business Find Certainty in Uncertain Times?  

In this blog post, you will gain insights on the importance of financial control and compliance within a business, especially in times of change and uncertainty. 

New Finance Leader Checklist: Technology Systems and Best Practices 

This eBook provides a helpful starting point for immersing yourself in your role and the company's operations. 

New Finance Leader Checklist: Build Key Relationships 

This eBook will help you to build strong internal relationships using a simple framework within 90 days. 

Industry Knowledge 

5 Trends Finance Leaders Should Know About Improving Resilience, Technology, and Employee Experience 
Get insights into five trends that can help you satisfy an overarching goal: turning moments of uncertainty into moments of clarity and confidence so your business runs better.  

Prepare for Unexpected with a Business Continuity Plan 
Take a close look at why and how to develop a business continuity plan, including action steps to consider and questions to ask. 

IDC Snapshot: Navigating a Dynamic Future of Work with Digital Adoption Platform 
New for 2023, this snapshot reveals how digital adoption platforms and integrated applications will pave the way for a more automated and autonomous employee experience.  

Foresight 2023: 4 Trends in Travel and Expense Management 
No one knows exactly what’s next, but there’s a way to be ready for whatever the future holds. Finance leaders are looking for savings, efficiency, productivity, and certainty, and they’re finding them in the following trends. 

How to Build an Authentic Corporate Culture, and Why You Should 
How can you best develop an authentic culture that supports and empowers employees? Get insights from Anna Crowe, author of Get Real: The Power of Genuine Leadership, a Transparent Culture, and an Authentic You. 

How to Build a Work Environment Your Employees Will Love 
Learn four ways your company can positively impact the employee experience, keeping them happy, productive, and focused on value-added responsibilities. 

Track and Zap Shadow IT: An SAP Concur Podcast Conversation About SaaS Management with Zylo 
Learn about what organizations need to do to gain more visibility into all the SaaS applications they have, how they’re used, and the overall spend management of those applications. 

Demonstrating the Value of Your Travel Program to C-Suite  
This ebook provides 5 tips for getting clear assessment of your travel program’s performance and ROI. 

How IT executives lead digital transformation to drive efficiency 
What tools are the most successful organizations adopting and how are IT executives making the most of those technologies? Read this global report to find out. 

Oxford Economics Global + US Report: Leadership in a New Era 
Learn how the pandemic has impacted finance and IT functions in this global survey report by Oxford Economics and the SAP Concur business unit of SAP. 

How to Improve Cash Flow: Top Tips for Finance 

Learn in more detail the five ways finance automation can help improve your business cash flow. 

5 Ways Efficient Audits Can Help Fuel Growth for Digital Transformation 

This ebook helps you to learn how Intelligent Audit from SAP Concur solutions can help you increase controls and compliance while improving employee experience. 

Empower The Future of Work with Intelligent Travel and Expense Solutions (Forrester) 

Discover how AI-powered travel and expense platforms that are integrated can unlock employee value while also saving costs. 

7 Ways Your Finance Processes Can Help Future-Proof Your Business 

Learn today seven future-proofing steps you can take to improve your finance processes, so you’ll be better positioned to respond, adapt, and survive in an uncertain business climate. 

CFO Insights: How to Navigate Inflation and Other Signs of Economic Change 

Learn more about strategies that help companies navigate economic uncertainties effectively. 

How your peers are addressing today's business travel challenges  

Download the ebook to learn more about their approaches and successes, examples that can turn moments of uncertainty into moments of confidence each time you spend on travel. 

Business Spend Insights: How will last year make 2023 better? 

Discover 2022 business spend trends and apply report recommendations to enhance compliance and spending management. 

Building Tangible Sustainability Into Your Business 

Lear what organizations like yours are doing to make sustainability a fundamental part of their business, and specifically, their travel and expense management. 

Accounts Payable Automation Trends 2023 (IFOL) 

This report supported by SAP Concur, delves into the automation progress of worldwide Accounts Payable teams, discussing challenges and changes in technology adoption. 

Professional Growth 

Leading with Impact: 5 ways to become an awesome manager 
This on-demand webinar teaches how to identify and accentuate your strengths, the value of a learning mindset, and how technology can help you set yourself and your company up for success. 

Time to Measure Up: An SAP Concur Podcast Conversation About Sustainability with Thrust Carbon 
Get a better understanding of what an emission is, how to calculate emissions from business travel, and how to measure and report on sustainability.  

Employee Experience, Evolved: An SAP Concur Podcast Conversation with EY About the Power of Employee Sentiment Data 
Hear about the growing importance of using employee sentiment data to create outstanding employee experience from EY’s industry expert, Andrew Walker. 

How Finance Jobs Have Expanded in the New World of Work ​ 
Join us for this 30-minute recorded webinar, where you’ll get an in-depth look at some of the forces behind the evolution of finance roles and tips for advancing your finance career. 

5 Trends for CFOs to Watch 
Learn more about five current trends that CFOs and finance leaders need to consider as they establish priorities for their finance team and their company in the near- and long-term. 

Preparing for Gen Z and Gen Alpha: How Younger Generations Will Change Business Travel and Expense Management 

Learn more about how Younger Generations will change business Travel and Expense Management over time, in an ever-changing business environment. 

How Finance Jobs Have Expanded in the New World of Work Webcast Preview 
View this preview of our thought leadership webcast full of tips and tricks to advance your finance career. 

7 Habits to Help Finance Leaders Meet Challenge of Change 

Hear about the challenges faced by finance leaders in a rapidly changing environment and insights on how to develop key habits to thrive in their roles. 

Bouncing Forward with Grit with Shadé Zahrai 

Listen to Shadé Zahrai, a Harvard-trained coach, as she explores the importance of grit in enhancing performance and resilience in the face of failures and challenges. 

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