How Travel Incorporated Helps Customers Gain Control over Supplier-Direct Bookings


Travel Incorporated (TI) is a global travel management company (TMC) that has delivered custom and personalized travel programs to customers for more than 40 years. TI helps customers improve processes and gain visibility into all travel data – including out-of-channel bookings – to identify leakage, negotiate better discounts, and fulfill duty of care for travelers. The foundation to TI’s success is integrated technology and tools, and premier cost recovery and avoidance mechanisms.

Travel Incorporated Case Study

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5 reasons why travel incorporated partners with SAP Concur

Travel Incorporated has expanded its ability to meet customer needs throughout the years with solutions that integrate seamlessly into managed travel programs. “The tapestry of our commitment is fueled by utilizing today’s technology to deliver what our clients need to efficiently run and manage their global travel programs, while making every interaction an ‘over the top’ experience,” shares Linwood Hayes, Chief Information Officer of Travel Incorporated.

With SAP Concur solutions having the capability to seamlessly integrate with Travel Incorporated’s applications and processes, TI is able to deliver the best in service for their customers with focus on safety, comfort, confidence, and convenience.

  1. Visibility into travel data analytics. Travel Incorporated is able to leverage all traveler data to provide deeper insights for customers around new services, supplier partnerships and better discounts, and to leverage data in near real-time to customize bookings for travelers. This allows TI to deliver on their promise of premier cost recovery and avoidance mechanisms to their customers.
  2. Gain control over out of channel bookings. In order to improve program effectiveness for customers, Travel Incorporated identified the need to bring out of channel bookings into managed travel programs given today’s employee booking practices. With the additional visibility gained by integrating and capturing Concur TripLink transactions, TI is able to better support customers with decision points for their travel programs.
  3. New standard in policy compliance. With the ability to capture out-of-channel bookings, Travel Incorporated can empower customers to help their travelers make compliant choices. TI doesn’t perceive Concur TripLink as a product that encourages out-of-channel bookings; rather, having this added visibility into travel spend arms their customers with the data needed to regularly review their travel policies and consider new partnerships like home-sharing service, Airbnb.
  4. Improved productivity and customer service. Since current business travelers have many travel booking options available to them, these buying decisions create ongoing challenges for travel managers. Travel Incorporated took tedious manual tasks and eliminated them with automation through Concur Compleat. By automating tasks such as preferred seating and schedule changes, TI travel consultants have gained increased productivity to focus on elevating the traveler experience and satisfaction.
  5. Fulfill duty of care. As a result of using Concur TripLink to capture bookings across channels, Travel Incorporated has the visibility into where all their travelers are no matter how or where they booked, and have greatly increased their ability to apply duty of care for all travelers.

“Out-of-channel bookings have and will continue to be a part of corporate business travel,” says Hayes. “Embracing this behavior as a necessity within your reporting and analytics capabilities will transform your understanding of traveler buying behaviors, and dramatically benefit your duty of care responsibilities.”

Download the full Travel Incorporated case study and learn more about the benefits travel management companies can gain by partnering with SAP Concur.