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Travel Incorporated Optimizes Travel Data with SAP Concur Solutions to Better Serve their Customers

Travel Incorporated (TI) is a global travel management company leading the industry in travel technology development, data analytics, traveler satisfaction, and stakeholder cost savings recovery and avoidance for over forty years. TI’s mission is to be an easy company to do business with and the absolute best in customer service, which is demonstrated in every touchpoint of the travelers’ journey, focusing on safety, comfort, confidence, and convenience.

Today’s business travelers have a myriad of choices as to how they book their travel. These buying decisions create ongoing challenges for the travel management company (TMC) by way of accuracy in the consolidation of data, traveler tracking, and duty of care.

Historically, unless the bookings were transacted through the online booking tool or via a TMC’s travel consultant, there were significant limitations to bringing out of policy booking leakage until well after the travel commenced, or traveler checked into their hotel. As TI continues to excel in delivering a quality experience to their customers, the company identified the need to bring comprehensive visibility into all travel data, including supplier direct transactions.

This desire for comprehensive visibility led TI to leverage SAP Concur’s open APIs and mid-office Compleat platform, accessing and integrating all data for complete booking visibility. Specifically, Travel Incorporated became able to reference raw data in the API, integrating the flow into their proprietary global data warehouse, performing automated data scrubbing, and then analyzing the comprehensive data within TI’s in-house Evolution reporting platform.

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“The tapestry of our commitment is fueled by utilizing today’s technology to deliver what our clients need to efficiently run and manage their global travel programs, while making every interaction an ‘over the top’ experience. Fully utilizing tools such as Concur Compleat, and optimizing our integrations with Concur Travel, delivers an enhanced traveler experience resulting in higher online adoption rates and enviable client retention rates.”

- Linwood Hayes, Chief Information Officer, Travel Incorporated






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