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The Future-Ready Guide for Finance Leaders

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As a finance leader, your role has probably grown incredibly complex compared to what it was even five years ago.  

A recent CFO Insights report by SAP Concur found that 90% of senior finance leaders agree that their key task is to prepare their business for the unexpected. So, if your company has been looking to you – now more than ever – to be the guiding light through times of uncertainty and change, you might also be looking to acquire new skills, knowledge, and technology to support a host of new asks.  

But where do you begin? We’ve compiled our latest insights and most popular learnings to help you grow your finance leader skillset in times of rapid transformation. 

Growing Your Finance Career 

You always continue learning as a finance leader. From dealing with new technology and aligning with key trends to upskilling and empowering your teams, there’s always an opportunity to grow and evolve. These resources can help you set up roadmaps for your company and career. 

CFO Insights: Top Priorities for CFOs in 2024 

What’s top of mind for today’s finance leaders? We asked CFOs and finance leaders from different industries and regions about their key focus areas for 2024 and beyond. In this eBook, you’ll discover what steps your peers are taking to ensure sustainable financial growth for their companies in the years ahead. 

The Fast Track to CFO 

For many ambitious finance professionals, the ultimate career move is a chief financial officer role. But the scope of the CFO role has expanded beyond numbers; companies now expect you to work closely with every part of the organisation to drive growth. Here’s what kind of skills today’s CFO should consider pursuing. 

Stepping into the Modern Finance Leader Role 

You may not always be able to predict what’s coming next. But these resources share top strategies from your finance leader peers on how to stay agile and even thrive in times of uncertainty.  

A New Role in Managing Uncertainty  

With CFOs’ increased responsibility for managing risk and uncertainty, this research looks at how finance leaders can respond and position themselves and their teams to be ready for the future. Top trends include addressing increasing complexity in financial forecasting and looking to AI to manage risk and change. 

How CFOs Prepare for the Unexpected 

With finance leaders focused on preparing business for the unexpected, it helps to know your peers' actions. This infographic gives an at-a-glance overview of current finance leader challenges and how companies are investing in new tools to improve visibility into business risks. 

Empowering Your Teams 

Building a supportive and productive environment for your teams can help your employees work smarter and help your company run more efficiently. These resources highlight how to take your employee experience to the next level. 

Focus on How Talent Management Can Drive Financial Opportunity 

How can you, as a finance leader, manage your employees’ valuable talent? We explore the three core areas that leading CFOs recommend finance leaders should focus on to help fuel financial success and create a supportive and thriving environment. 

4 Ways to Help Your Team Be Future-Ready 

If you’ve invested in technology to automate your employee expense process and bring greater stability and flexibility to spend management, you’ve built a great foundation for digital transformation. Here are more ways to sharpen your business forecasting, stay compliant, and guide spending decisions so your company is ready for what’s next. 

Adopting AI & Finance Technologies 

There’s no denying – when it comes to technology, the future is already here. So, what does that mean to your company? And how do you embrace these new and fast-advancing tools in a way that makes sense for your business? Dive into these resources to get some helpful insights. 

Why Finance Is Ready for Breakout Transformation with AI 

Nearly 62% of finance leaders agree that artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential tool to manage the unexpected, according to the SAP Concur CFO Pulse Survey. In this white paper, you’ll learn more about best practices fueled by research and insights from CFOs. 

The Robot Revolution: How Purposeful AI Use Is Building Better Businesses 

How can business leaders move forward with AI and automation? The key to making progress, says Tim Lebel, VP and Head of Spend Products at SAP Concur, is to think about the end goals for your business rather than starting with the technology. Dive into this and other key topics on leveraging AI to empower your business and employees. 

Artificial Intelligence, Real Solutions for Business 

Generative AI, machine learning, large language models, and more. What does it all mean for finance leaders and their companies? This whitepaper takes a close look at AI, the future of finance automation, and taking a secure, human-centered approach when adopting intelligent technologies. 

Always Keep Learning 

When you consider how quickly today’s workplace, technology, and finance leader role have all evolved in recent years, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and in tune with trends. SAP Concur is committed to helping you and your company be ready for whatever comes next. 

Want to dive into more resources for finance leaders? Visit our thought leadership page, Finance Leaders: Solutions to Better Manage Your Cash Flow, to stay current on trends in technology, career advancement, and employee experience. 

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