Manage Small Business Travel with SAP Concur Solutions

With so many booking options available today, tracking business travelers and their spend can be complicated and time-consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Our integrated travel solutions provide a smooth, end-to-end travel and spend experience that saves time for your travelers, saves money for your company, and makes life easier for everyone. 

No matter where your travelers book, our products, like the SAP Concur mobile app and TripIt Pro, simplify today’s business trips. From booking a flight to making a hotel reservation, our apps enable your travelers to make travel decisions with tools they’ll enjoy using. They can track their loyalty programs for airlines, hotels, and rental cars, too. 

Create your travel policy

The hardest part of implementing a T&E policy is often knowing where to begin. Check out this handy guide.


Throughout their trip, we help them manage their entire itinerary every step of the way—including automated notifications for flight statuses and gate changes, and reminders to check-in and leave for the airport. 

When they’re on the ground, travelers easily connect to our partner ecosystem of rideshare apps to get from point A to B, and so much more. 

The best part? Because everything’s integrated behind-the-scenes, their trip receipts flow automatically into Concur Expense, enabling their expense reports to practically write themselves! 

When it comes to business costs, we understand that travel and expense is at the top. With SAP Concur products, travel, expense and invoice are combined into a single unified solution, so your company can automate processes and capture employee spend in one place. That way, you can access integrated spend data, control costs, and deliver a better experience for your employees when they’re on the road. 

Whether you need a lightly managed travel option (like TripLink or TripIt), or a fully managed travel program (such as Concur Travel and a TMC), you’ll have the option to manage travel on your mobile device or on the web. SAP Concur solutions offer the best options for your business and your travelers.

To learn more, please contact us today.

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