Are You Ready to Get On Board with Automated Travel and Expense?

Business travelers are eager to get back on the road to keep deals moving forward and serve their customers. A June 2021 Wakefield Research study surveyed businesses under 1,000 employees and found that 95% of corporate travelers are willing to get back on the road for work. Meanwhile, 81% said they were concerned about their careers if travel didn’t pick up in the next 12 months.

It’s important to note, however, that traveler safety has now become a leading factor in accelerating recovery and keeping business flowing. Many travelers are also concerned about managing the environmental impact of their travel. Is your company ready and able to get on board? 

As growing businesses work hard to stay resilient, they need to keep a tight rein on spending. So it helps to enter the recovery—however near or far on the horizon—with better, smarter tools to manage business travel as it ramps up again.


Optimizing travel and expense processes with automation

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) still use manual, disparate processes to manage travel and related expenses. But as travelers set out for the friendly skies (or open road), full visibility into T&E is a must. This helps you gain better control over costs, find ways to maximize cash flow, and get clearer insights into how best to allocate funds.

Automating your T&E processes with a solution like Concur Travel can help you do this, and more, by:

  • Providing an easy-to-use mobile app so employees can submit expense reports on the go
  • Offering tools to manage travel requests and approvals, monitor for compliance, and detect potential errors or fraud
  • Presenting near-real-time visibility into current spend in a single dashboard
  • Offering customizable policies to support sustainable travel practices and traveler safety

Manual processes might have worked well enough in the past. But for the new world, ditching the paper and digitizing your T&E gives you the control and insights you need to navigate the changing economic climate.

See our latest video to learn how Concur Travel can help you control costs, increase employee productivity and policy compliance, support sustainable travel, and keep your travelers safe.

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