Thought Leaders in T&E Recommend Great Reads for 2020

Need a shortlist of the best spend management reads to inspire you in 2020?

We’ve got you covered! From books that helped transform some of the top thought leaders lives in travel and expense (T&E) management to reads that make you sharper in your spend management role, here are two recommendations to get you started:

Reading List for 2020: Travel, Expense, and Spend Management

These are the recommended reads of some of the most revered leaders.


  1. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink


Recommended by Bhart Sarin, Director, Procurement Operations, Corporate and North America at Ingredion Incorporated, Sarin claims, “This is an easy read that dives into the science as to how we can maximize our productivity and life balance by understanding our personal characteristics and applying them to generate positive outcomes. As we continue to do more with less in the travel and expense space, juggling multiple priorities from the business and employees, and generally try to ‘have it all‚’ this book gave me great ideas to maximize every second of my time both personally and professionally.”





  1. The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica


Recommended by Jeffrey Bastings, Sr. Manager of Accounts Payable, Employee Business Expense & Corporate Card, Verizon. Basting states, “This book opened my eyes to a new and fresh perspective in connecting my own passion to my work life. I often tried to separate my work life from my home life until I read this book and realized I could use my passion and talents within the workplace. It sparked more creative ideas, which led to innovative conversations. I’m now motivated to look for these creative and innovative ways to improve how we do things to open up efficiencies. I’ve seen myself grow individually, which has resulted in me sharing what I‘ve learned with others to help motivate them in their careers as well.”



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