Be prepared to keep your employees safe during the busiest travel season

As we enter into the busiest time of year for corporate travel, I can’t think of a better time for businesses to ensure they are prepared to keep employees safe and informed while on the road. Concur data shows that November 15 and 16 were the two busiest days for travel last year, with 58% more employees traveling for business than an average weekday during the rest of the year. Overall, October and November are historically the busiest months of the year for business travel. Notably, infrequent travelers with only one to three business trips a year contribute significantly to this surge of business travel during this time.

Given this uptick in travel and our increasingly unpredictable environment, companies need to ensure their employees are safe and secure at all times.

As the leader of Concur, and a frequent traveler myself, I feel a great sense of responsibility to proactively care for our employees throughout the world. I believe that all business leaders have a similar responsibility to know where their employees are and keep them safe and informed regardless of company size or location. I encourage you to ensure you have a reliable risk management program, powered by data, so you and your employees are prepared as we enter this busy travel season.

At Concur, we believe duty of care is one of the most important things a business can do for its employees. To help businesses achieve this, we released Concur Locate, an integrated traveler risk management solution featuring the most comprehensive, actionable travel and expense data set in the industry. This solution includes an option for 24/7 monitoring services to help communicate with and assist employees at any time on a company’s behalf – from pre-travel guidance to emergency safety information.

We were recently put to the test with multiple hurricanes in the United States and thankfully, were able to quickly account for and ensure the safety of hundreds of Concur employees at risk. Whether it’s a health crisis or natural disaster, the ability to quickly find and help employees in times of need is critical, which is why having a reliable duty of care solution is necessary.

Take the time now to ensure you have a policy, training and technology in place so your employees are prepared and be sure they can rest easy knowing their company is keeping them safe when they are out on the road in the coming months.

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