How to Prepare for Unexpected Events on a Business Trip

We've all heard the saying "even the best laid plans go awry," and as travelers this phrase rings especially true. From speeding through security to scoring upgrades and knowing which hotels have the fastest Wi-Fi, we've perfected the art of business travel – but some things are simply out of our control. It's never something we like to think about but being prepared can make all the difference when we encounter a bump in the road. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for unexpected events.


Natural disasters, political unrest, or other major events

Serious events like natural disasters, transportation strikes, and political unrest are not fun to think about. Events like this are out of your control, and for the most part, don't need to be a point of stress or concern when traveling. That being said, it never hurts to be prepared!

Luckily, there's Concur Locate to give you peace of mind while traveling. If you're an SAP Concur user and your company has purchased SAP Concur’s safety features (these might be referred to as Concur Locate or another name), your company will be able to give you advice and assistance if you're ever somewhere a potentially dangerous situation is occurring.

Find detailed information about these features and how to get started on the SAP Concur Safety Features Resources page. If you don’t know if these features are available to you, you can reach out to your SAP Concur admin.

Making sure someone close to you knows where you are is also important. With TripIt, this is easy. Organize your itinerary and share it with family or friends. It's also a good idea to register with the local embassies when traveling abroad. U.S. citizens can do this through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

For more safety tips, get our free Female Business Traveler Safety Checklist


Delays and cancelations

Less serious but more common, delays and cancelations are events that can put a damper on your business trip.

You never want to get in late for a meeting or miss out on a family gathering on your way home. Stay one step ahead of delays and cancelations with alerts from TripIt Pro. The app also makes it easy to search for alternate flights from all airlines so you can call to rebook if need be.

The SAP Concur mobile app can help soften the blow if you need to rearrange travel plans on the go.


Lost luggage

The best advice to avoid losing luggage is to not check any in the first place. As a business traveler, you'll want to get good at packing everything in a carry on. Haven't perfected the art of carry on packing yet? Find some tricks of the trade here.

If you have no choice but to check, there are a few things you can do that won't prevent luggage being lost but will at least soften the blow if it does happen.

First, make sure you take the most important items with you on the plane. Think electronics, medications, and at least one business-appropriate outfit.

Next, consider travel insurance. This will help cover the cost of the items you'll need to replace while waiting for you luggage – or permanently if it's never found.

Finally, know what you're entitled to. Some airlines give stipends each day you don't have your bag, while others will reimburse you when you present receipts. In the U.S., airlines must reimburse you for your bag and its contents if they're unable to find it, so keeping lists or pictures of what you pack never hurts. 




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