How Robots Help Businesses Save Time

Robots are the future.

We’ve all heard it before. While some people are fully ready to welcome the robots, others feel a slight panic creep in. Will artificial intelligence replace the need for humans? Will our jobs one day become obsolete? Take a deep breath and rest assured: Despite advances in technology, human brain power is still very much a necessity.

“AI doesn’t replace employees, it augments them,” says A.G. Lambert, SVP of product strategy at SAP Concur. Technology in the workplace is changing the way we work – but for the better. 

The Tech-Augmented Workplace

Dive deeper into how AI helps employees focus on the work that matters most.  


Automation is already an integral part of daily life at home, from customer service chat bots to automated monthly payments. And now artificial intelligence has made its way into the workplace, helping us save time and reduce paperwork. For example, AI is making paper receipts and tedious manual data entry a thing of the past with automated travel and expense management tools.

We partnered with Forbes to examine the ways in which technology is changing business processes for the better. In the second article in our three-part series, learn how current and upcoming technologies are helping three typical office workers – an accounts payable specialist, a manager, and a CFO – become more efficient and productive. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes insights from two SAP Concur executives, Lambert and Chief Product Strategy Officer Mike Koetting, plus a current customer, to hear their thoughts on the tech-augmented workplace.

Some highlights include:

  • AI-assisted auditing that automatically checks every expense report
  • Travel policy bots that help employees stay compliant
  • Tools that improve cash flow management while keeping employees happy


Check out this article and dive deeper into how AI helps employees focus on the work that matters most.

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