Ground Transportation: Rideshares are Safer and Less Expensive Than Taxis

If you could save your organization money and help your team travel more safely, would you? Of course, you would. Our quick fix: increasing rideshare over other ground transportation options. Travel by car is still one of the primary modes of business travel. Knowing who, when, and how your company’s dollars are being spent is a fundamental part of what we call spend governance. One of the simple ways SAP Concur customers have found to achieve their organization’s goals around spend governance is by making small configuration adjustments to their rideshare expense and insurance policies.


Where to start: policies, spend, and communication

To get started, ask questions like:

  1. How much are we spending on ground transportation today?
  2. What does our expense policy say about rideshare?
  3. Does our insurance policy include rideshare?

Once you’ve addressed these questions, take a look at how rideshare expenses are configured in Concur Expense . Make sure that the App Center is enabled and that your SAP Concur solution reminder notifications are being sent to your team so that they are encouraged to use rideshare over other forms of ground transportation, like taxis. 


Industry benchmarks: How do you compare to your colleagues?

While digging into the data, look at the year-over-year rideshare spend percentages. This metric will help you gauge whether your organization is matching up to others in your industry, or if some adjustments are needed. Best practice percentages range between 41-77% depending on the industry. Look at these numbers to see how you compare to your industry colleagues:


(click to enlarge)


Formula: Calculate your potential savings

And now for the fun part: calculating your potential savings!


How did you measure up?


When it comes to employee safety, ridesharing is safer

When employees use rideshare apps, their itineraries and locations are tracked and sharable. This establishes a way to fulfil your organization's duty of care responsibility to keep them out of harm’s way. In addition, employees can have the peace of mind that they can safely share their location with a friend, colleague or local authority for connection or support.


Community connection: SAP Concur Community

Taking a small amount of time on minor adjustments to encourage rideshare expense and location tracking over other ground transportation options can help you increase both savings and safety at your organization. If reducing wasteful spend is one of your spend governance goals, then increasing rideshare use is a great place to start. Connect with the SAP Concur Community to see how organizations like yours are getting the most out of their SAP Concur solution.

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