Flight Centre Travel Group Expands use of Concur Compleat

At SAP Concur our relationship with travel management companies (TMCs) is multi-faceted, and one important part of the relationship that we don’t talk about as much is TMC automation, which includes things like file finishing (adding a billing code, department or other information to a reservation), quality control (such as double checking that the check-in date for your hotel matches the day your flight lands), and the ticketing process required by the GDS.

Our solution, Concur Compleat, is the industry’s leading provider of travel agency automation, responsible for providing these turnkey automation services to the world’s largest corporate agencies. The integration between Concur Travel and Compleat improves the traveler booking experience with better seat selection and streamlined resolution of ticketing and form of payment failure resolution. In 2019 Compleat is expected to ticket over 120 million reservations.  

In my job I’m fortunate to get to work closely with Flight Centre Travel Group (Flight Centre), one of the world’s largest travel agency groups with company-owned operations in 23 countries and a corporate travel management network that spans more than 90 countries. Flight Centre has been a valued partner of ours for over ten years, leveraging Compleat in the U.S. As a Platinum Partner, the use of Compleat by Flight Centre’s corporate travel management brand, FCM Travel Solutions, ensures that mutual Concur Travel clients have full access to the current and future points of integration between the two products.

Today we’re happy to announce an expanded partnership, which will enable Flight Centre to utilize Compleat globally and incorporate the services into new geographies and brands. Flight Centre expects to implement Compleat in all of the countries where FCM Travel Solutions does business. The expanded partnership is expected to at least triple the annual number of transactions Flight Centre processes through Compleat.

“We’re looking forward to growing our use of Compleat to new brands and countries. Flight Centre Travel Group is continuously growing and evolving. The partnership with SAP Concur and use of Compleat brings additional efficiency, responsiveness and cost reduction to our current operations. This platform lends itself to future innovation and integration with SAP Concur,” said John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer, corporate brands, Flight Centre Travel Group.

I’m excited for SAP Concur to be an important part of Flight Centre’s continued global growth and success. We look forward to continuing to evolve Compleat and add new integrations to help our TMC partners succeed.

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