How Global Clients Can Leverage Preferred Care Experts in the Age of Disruptive Outsourcing

The digital economy requires global companies to respond faster, collaborate more, and overall be more efficient. But as your business expands into new, international markets, your financial and IT systems may have become increasingly complex and decentralized, making it hard to have the visibility and control you need to manage your SAP Concur solution.

To solve the problem, you have two choices:

  1. Hire and train an internal team to specialize within your SAP Concur solutions
  2. Outsource the work to a team of experts

Every few years, Deloitte runs its Global Outsourcing Survey gathering feedback from more than 500 executives from leading organizations on outsourcing. In the past, it has found that organizations typically use outsourcing to improve back-office operations through cost reduction and performance improvement. But its most recent survey in 2018 found a change in how organizations are leveraging this market:

“Today, disruptive outsourcing solutions are enabling competitive advantage by accelerating changes within those organizations that have the audacity and skill to leap over the technology chasm; for them, outsourcing can pioneer a northwest passage to top line growth, as well as to a more agile, effective back office. The focus has shifted from traditional work transfer to upfront transformation and automation. Organizations are recognizing that disruptive solutions can revolutionize the way they do business, and that ‘buying’ capabilities in the marketplace is generally faster and more scalable than developing capabilities internally.”

But as with many initiatives, organizations are finding that delivering competitive advantage through disruptive outsourcing solutions is anything but simple; effort and expertise are needed to address security and cyber risks, changing regulations, organizational resistance, skill gaps, and to help flatten fragmented processes. In this blog we’ll discuss why outsourcing expert guidance to ensure operational excellence might be best when it comes to gaining the full power of your SAP Concur solution.


The enhanced support you need to maximize your SAP Concur solution

If you want to get the most of your SAP Concur solution, then our Preferred Care service is the right mix of customer support, engagement, collaboration, and personalization that your organization needs to help scale and grow. Preferred Care helps complex and globally active clients like yourself streamline and improve productivity and profitability with personalized product experts. Through ongoing optimization consultations and business-specific monitoring and support, our Preferred Care experts will ensure that you maximize the full power of SAP Concur— such as improving compliance, reducing fraud, increasing visibility of spend, and uncovering cost savings throughout your entire organization.

With Preferred Care, your organization will have access to:

  • Authorized Support Contact (ASC) training
  • Specially tailored release support
  • Product roadmap reviews
  • Interactive site workshop
  • Proactive job monitoring
  • Service request log to track issues, requests, and projects
  • Enhanced SLAs for support
  • Preferred Care VIP support hotline
  • Designated Preferred Care manager


The value of a preferred care manager

Using our Preferred Care service also gives you a dedicated Preferred Care Manager. This is an expert for our systems and operations, who understand the nuances of your business, your unique culture, and your customization and use of SAP Concur. The Preferred Care Manager is always on hand with advice on strategic planning and best practices to assist you in achieving the optimum operation for your organization. It’s through this level of diligence and personalization that sets the stage for a successful release and realization of your business targets, so you can stay on track to achieve your goals.

A Preferred Care Manager can help you achieve your goals by:

  • Proactively monitoring all scheduled jobs and interfaces
  • Creating a concrete, feasible plan with defined cycles, audits, challenges, adjustments, and adherence to identify goals in scorecards
  • Reviewing open cases with you and conduct regular "checkpoint" interviews to measure progress and ensure your goals are met
  • Creating local and global compliance rules
  • Conducting annual, Interactive Site Workshops
  • Scheduling expert sessions
  • Providing configuration assistance
  • Collaborating with your Travel Management Company (TMC)

Today’s market conditions require global companies to be more flexible than ever to make strategically important decisions based on accurate data. That's exactly where SAP Concur helps your business succeed. By working better with your Preferred Care Manager, focusing on business goals and results, prioritizing support, and accessing and taking into account the SAP Concur roadmap, you can make full use of your investment in SAP Concur. For more information on whether our Preferred Care service is right for your business, visit our Preferred Care website.

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