Automate Your Invoice Processing and Gain Transparency into School Spending

Do you truly know where your school’s spending is going? Many schools experience errors within their invoice processing system, leaving their total spend in the dark. To mitigate these issues, many schools have started taking the necessary steps to better improve their AP systems by compiling a list of strategic objects to implement, including reducing costs associated with processing expenses, improving operational efficiency, increasing policy compliance, attracting and retaining talent, and mitigating risk.

These topics, and more, were the focus of a recent SAP Concur webinar, “Gain Immediate Transparency into Your School’s Spending Webinar.”

Gain Immediate Transparency into Your School's Spending

Learn more about how your school district can streamline your AP process.


Read on for webinar highlights on how your school can achieve its AP goals through implementing SAP Concur.


How SAP Concur can help your school streamline accounts payable

Automation is key when looking at AP tools to bring value to your school. But over 70 percent of organizations still receive paper invoices and have to spend unnecessary hours manually going through them. By eliminating paper invoices, organizations can prevent manual errors such as duplicate invoices. In fact, SAP Concur processed 12 million invoices for our customers last year and prevented more than $1.4 million in duplicate payments.

How SAP Concur’s AP processing technology can help your school district:

  • Save time and labor by using more efficient processing
  • Eliminate additional work caused by duplicates and other errors
  • Gain earlier awareness of exceptions
  • Cut the costs of storing paper checks and invoices
  • Reduce late-payment fees

Automating your AP process will help your school district gain more accurate spending forecasts and better visibility into spend management. By having greater visibility into spend management, you can improve your bottom line.

SAP Concur combines automation and intelligence to transform the way your organization looks at spend management. Concur Invoice leverages OCR technology and SAP Leonardo Artificial Intelligence to capture data and validate data. Some of the key features of Concur Invoice are:

  • PO Invoice Fuzzy Match: Uses smart technology to match invoice, PO and receipts of goods. Artificial Intelligence looks at description, quantity, and unit price and performs a fuzzy match on documents to determine whether they are a pair.
  • Non-PO Invoice Coding: OCR technology pre-populates invoice details and reduces data entry.
  • Auto-submit: Allows for the approver to focus more time on pure exceptions. The SAP Concur mobile app allows users to approve invoices anytime, anywhere.


Want to learn more about how your school district can streamline your AP process? Watch our on-demand webinar for a live demonstration of managing invoices from capture to payment, how to create a purchase request, and more. 

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