AP Recognition Week: How automating processes helps your AP team all year long

Christal Bemont was formerly Chief Revenue Officer for SAP Concur


We’re celebrating AP Recognition Week (sponsored by the The Institute of Financial Operations) by acknowledging all of the hard work Accounts Payable does within an organization. AP is often the last line of defense for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their cash flow. While some AP teams are still dealing with paper invoices, a convoluted workflow and a storage system that is not accessible or disaster proof, many SMBs are automating their processes and easing the workload of their AP staff.

In fact, if you’re like most SMBs we work with, your AP team handles around 600 invoices per month and at least half of those invoices are coming in as paper. That means a lot of manual data entry, routing approvals in person or via email, struggling to find the status and matching invoices to POs—all while trying to make payments on time. In addition to the cost of duplicate payments or late fees from vendors, what about the wasted time of your valuable AP staff?


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A modern, cloud-based AP tool can help you manage finances more seamlessly with little to no paper. A solution like Concur Invoice automates the entire process, from invoice receipt and processing to payment management and settlement, saving both you and your AP team time and money.

Aside from the direct cost and time savings, automating your invoice processes also offers:

Faster audit process – When years of invoices are stuck in filing cabinets, audits can sideline your whole team trying to find one piece of paper. With an automated system, everything you need can be pulled in minutes.

Better managed cash flow – Not only can you pay invoices quicker, but you can decide when you want to pay. Capture early payment discounts or hold on to your cash—you can make calculated choices about where your money is going with oversight into total spend.

Increased visibility – When your invoices automatically enter your system, you will have instant visibility into your finances with no lag time for scanning, printing and approving.

Imagine that—you get complete visibility into spend and cash flow and your AP team works more efficiently. Show them how much you appreciate the hard work they do by making their job even easier with an automated AP process—eliminating paper, improving efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks—making each and every day more rewarding.

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